Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Gear -

Current Gear List:

  • Alps Fusion +20 Sleeping Bag with compression stuff sack.
  • Self inflating sleeping pad.
  • High Sierra Cirque 30 Daypack.
  • Princeton Tec Solo Headlamp.
  • Highgear SmartLatch Compass/Thermometer.
  • High Sierra Wave Hydration Pack - 70 oz.
  • Pacific Cornetta Aletta Grande Vacuum Bottle - 16 oz.

So... I am having a hard time trying to decide on which of these two tents I want. I have thought about it from a cost/benefit point of view but still can't quite make up my mind. It is obvious from reading through the specs that one of these tents offers significantly more features than the other tent. But what I keep wrestling over is whether or not these features are worth the extra $90.

Speaking of money, I won $125 at work the other day for coming in number one in our office March Madness bracket. God Bless Kansas for pulling that off! So realistically, I should not be fretting over an extra $90 bucks.


The REI tent is an ultra-lite backpacking tent. I like the open mesh (key component) and the color of the tent. I also like purchasing from REI in general. I am not sure how easy it is to set up though.

The Rock 22 is a three season, two pole tent (very quick set up) tent. The tent has a decent amount of mesh lining and has gotten a lot of good reviews. The North Face has become a fairly commercial brand over the past few years.

REI Quarter Dome - $259.00 Specs

North Face Rock 22 - $169.00 Specs

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Jared said...

i looked at those tents before but was pretty leery because of their rain tarps---they go all the way to the ground thus dont offer any circulation or cross breeze. plus you cant really see anything...what you end up getting?