Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wiley Coyote and the Fire Trucks.

My mother, brother, his wife, and my two nieces came down from Rochester last Friday. I decided to entertain them by having a fire down by the river (no van involved). My brother and I get the fire stoked and burning just in time because it's getting really dark.

It's a beautiful night at 75 degrees and the river is as flat as a sheet of glass. Later, Kevin and I are lounging around the fire and drinking a few pops when what looks to be a medium sized dog comes barreling down the trail toward us. After a few "here boy"'s this wild Dingo looking creature jumps into the river, yelps and then goes quiet. We were absolutely baffled by what it could have been so we named it "The Swamp Monster".

Later that night after several more pops, a bag of Dorito's, and a few pulls of wine, I invited a few friends over. We're all having a great time when all of the sudden two fire trucks show up outside my house. About four firemen come rushing through the woods and immediately extinguish our fire. Major BUZZ KILL! I looked up and saw all of my neighbors faces pressed against their back windows. I could only imagine that they were wondering why the Woodbridge fire department was putting out a fire in the common area. It was at this time that I realized I needed to GTFO of my neighborhood for a bit.

Follow Up... two evenings later, I stepped out onto my back porch about 10:00 pm and heard some sort of bird shreaking in terror and the growling of some sort of Coyote. After listening to it for about 10 minutes, what I can only assume was a Coyote definitely got the best of the bird. I locked my doors and went to bed. It was a good weekend, and I'm now scared to camp by myself!

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