Monday, April 21, 2008

Cost vs. Benefit

Well, I really wanted to go to Merle Fest this weekend. For fucks sake, it's Doc Watson's own festival!!! This man is 85 years old and can still pick a banjo better than the best of em. I can't say enough about him, he's a fucking savant on the banjo. In addition to that, It seems like such an eclectic mix of bands.

There are only two forces holding me back from jumping on the open road and driving down Route 95.

In order of importance...

1. Gas prices... There's something more to be said about this. There has been plenty of prophecies, speculation and predictions in the media as to what the tipping point will be to where gas prices will start to hinder people (read: Americans) from their recreational activities.

I've found mine. Here's a predisposition you should know. I've always been frugal, my friends and anyone that knows me beyond the casual relationship can attest to this but, I'm a cheap Charley.

However, give me a vacation and/or life altering experiences and I'm handing over money like a born again Christian at a church auction. I've found that music festivals have definitely changed my life, and as a consequence, I've recently made it a point in my life to try to attend as many as possible this summer.

But, after doing the math, it would cost me over $250 to see Doc Watson pick that banjo boy. Which seriously leaves me feeling disenchanted with the way things are.

So instead, I'll spend the weekend moping around and trying to feel useful.

2. Secondly, as insignificant as it might sound, it's a festival with no place to camp! As you may know from reading my previous blogs, I've spent $400 in camping gear. I crave the endless rows of tents, the impromptu noisey neighbors, the community fire pit, the instant communal society, the raw passion of "camping".

I'm going to Aiken Bluegrass fest. Aiken or bust. See you under the stars.

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ianc said...

Your gas prices comment made me think of this:

Unfortunately it seems like things'll get worse before they get better. Sigh.